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U-Yoga believes your first 5-10 classes should be taken in as an experience. This will allow time for the practice to click and you can move forward to more challenging poses. It is best to vary your instructors so you can soak in as much knowledge about your practice as possible. Every teacher has something great to give and a new perspective will help you grow on your mat!

*It is important to arrive 5-10 minutes before class begins, no admission 5 minutes after start time.

*Please check in with the instructor before class

*Cell phones in class are for EMERGENCIES ONLY, no texting during class

*Come well hydrated to class.  Rest when you need. It is always best to listen to your body…you don’t have to do it all!

*Please bring your own towel, mat, and water. (limited rentals are available if needed)

*After each class please clean up your area and blocks, mat spray is available

*Smile and have FUN! You are on your way to feeling great and reaching goals you never thought possible!


Hot Vinyasa Flow

A Vinyasa flow class which moves you through a series of postures that are drawn from a variety of yoga styles connecting movement with the breath as you improve strength, flexibility, and balance. The instructors will teach modifications as well as options to take postures to a new level. The calories will burn away as you sweat and move through each of these poses. Temperatures can range from 85-95 degrees. Mat, towel, and water recommended.

*door opens 15 minutes before class + closes 3 minutes after class start time.

Hot Detox Flow

Hot Detox Flow level 2-3- a hot vinyasa calorie scorcher flow to detox your body and leave your feeling strong and invigorated. bring lots of water & be prepared to be challenged. mat and towel recommended.

*door opens 15 minutes before class + closes 3 minutes after class start time

Yoga For Stiff People (Beginners Welcome)

Can’t touch your toes? Haven’t even seen them for a while? Don’t do yoga? This is the perfect class for you! We’ll take a gentle and slightly modified approach to learn the foundations of yoga, and learn safe ways to strengthen and gain increased flexibility through a wide range of effective postures. This class is ideal for everyone from strong athletes with bulky/short muscles to those with joint replacements or injuries, to yogis who appreciate a slower and more detailed pace.

$5 student drop-ins

$10 drop-ins

5 class pass  $45

10 class pass $85

First Class FREE

Class size is limited. Sign up to reserve your spot. Simply click the link below. If you don’t have the MindBody App, click REGISTER. If you already have MindBody, click LOGIN.

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