I’ve come to a place along my yogic path where I’d like to introduce and inspire others in discovering the benefits of a yoga practice. If you have a desire to feel better emotionally and physically, create more balance in your life through awareness of your mind and your body and an empowering connection to your true self/others, I invite you into flexibility and awareness of mind, body, and soul. And whether you are a beginner, a teacher, or an advanced practitioner, my door is open to anyone willing to flow, pose, breathe, and grow with a supportive community.

Love is Loving You | About Dee Ann

Influenced by teachers, peers, and Dee Ann’s life-changing experience with yoga, her intention is to provide a gateway healing modality to all levels of yoga students. Yoga is a practice – meaning if you are a beginner, a teacher, or an advanced practitioner, Dee Ann welcomes all levels willing to flow, breathe, and grow with the intention.

Your yoga practice becomes your lifestyle.

She offers one-on-one, small groups, couples, locals, teens, visitors, and corporate classes. Dee Ann can come to your residence, office, or provide studio space. If you are not comfortable practicing in person due to COVID-19 she is available to schedule a time with you on Zoom. Together will we build a strong mind and body that empowers you!

Infinite Gratitude,

Dee Ann Special


Dee Ann became certified in 2016 through Yoga Medicine with founder Tiffany Cruikshank. She is a Yoga Alliance member with an E-RYT200 certification.  She has accumulated over 400 hours of study with Yoga Medicine and considers herself a lifelong student. She specializes in beginner yoga, Vinyasa Flow, myofascial release (using balls and rollers), teen yoga, mindful trauma-informed yoga, restorative yoga, and yoga for mental health and wellness.

Her deepest desire is to help others cultivate healthy ways to create their best lives possible. Whether it is working on clarity to help work through challenging times, stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, body image, and injuries or just learn the basics of a yoga practice by building strength, endurance, and flexibility.  She will work with you and meet you exactly where you are at any level.

About Dee Ann Special

Dee Ann’s passion for yoga began the first time she stepped on a mat. With an athletic background, she was surprised she found yoga to be an incredible mind and body challenge. She was captivated by the new physical level of strength, endurance, and flexibility she reached and also began to experience a spiritual awakening in her life. As she traveled to many different yoga studios, her experience with her practice began to mysteriously shift. She found herself in tears at the end of several classes while in Savasana. She began experiencing a complete physical, mental, and spiritual transformation.

Having experienced trauma in her life she had developed many self-sabotaging habits and strategies to fill a void of constantly living with fear, anxiety, body dysmorphia, and low self-esteem. She was stuck in a pattern of feeling unlovable and finding herself in negative relationships.

These difficult experiences drew her to studying yoga and surrounding herself with positive relationships. Her practice became her gateway healing modality. Through a mindfulness practice she started observing what was actually going on within her body and recognizing her destructive behaviors with more understanding, acceptance, and compassion instead of self judgement. She still encounters many obstacles, but now the underlying benefits of yoga are her new medicine.





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